Okanagan Mountain Park

We started our week-long Kootenays riding adventure with a weekend for Sharon of aikido at Vernon. I took the opportunity to check out Okanagan Mountain Park where fires had raged just 3 years ago.

Mountain views don’t come easily on Kelowna trails. Instead you get lake views.

The trail I picked is Wild Horse Canyon Trail – a very short loop. Dry and dusty, it’s definitely xc’ish and has some stiff climbs.

I had thought about trying to get to Divide Lake but the views would have been non-existent and climbing 700m to the 1100m lake didn’t seem like an appealing prospect in the 35 degree heat. Here’s the view from the Wild Horse Canyon lookout on to Okanagan Lake.

A burnt stand of timber on the singletrack descent back to the west parking lot.

More burnt stands of timber at the junction of Wild Horse and Goode Basin

Ended this pretty, if unspectacular tour of this part of the province by cannonballing into the lake a few times from a nice low cliff overlooking the lake.

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