Part 2 – Moab – escaping the rain

The next three rides we spent checking out all the new work done by Moab Trail Mix. Donate to these guys if you ride here so they can continue with the great work!

We checked out the now 5 year old Captain Ahab trail that is now accessed by climbing up HyMasa. Previously you had to climb the old jeep road Amasa Back to access Rockstacker, Pot Hole Arch and Jacksons. This climb allows you a nicer trail to access this area as well as the newer Captain Ahab trail. We then rode the classic Mag7 shuttle ending on Blue Dot and Portal Trail. We booked the shuttle through Moab Cyclery. The Mag7 route also has some newer sections of trail, the Gold Bar climb sucks as ever and Blue Dot is a scenic and techy as I remember, unfortunately Portal trail seems to be taking more of a beating. Our third Moab ride was in the Navajo Rocks area. Navajo Rocks is in the same area as Mag7 but a loop that can be ridden clockwise, counter clockwise or as a figure 8. All the trails can be ridden in either direction and the views and slickrock riding is great for all levels. The Big Mesa area used to be a rustic campground that we stayed at 25 years ago, the area where we camped at is now closed but another area has been created for free camping. The Big Mesa trail is pretty hard to beat for scenery!

Captain Ahab Trailsforks Ridelog

Parking lot for Hymasa climb

Trail head and good maps and signage

Climbing some sections of Amasa Back

Singletrack climbing!


Some techy climbing on Captain Ahab

Small hucks that can be rolled

Techy rock moves

Well Routed Trail!

Mag7 Shuttle

We booked a shuttle through Moab Cyclery for 10:30. They have regular shuttles to this area as well as to Porcupine Rim or as high as they can drive. This got us on the trail for 11:30 for this 5 hour scenic ride.

Trailforks Ridelog

Loading up the van

Again great signage by Trail Mix

OMG More views!

Resting in the shade before the next push up to Blue Dot

Grunt up Gold Bar

Top of Blue Dot, did I mention the views?

Riding the rim

Some techy downs


Lee on the rim

More techy downs

Benet’s first time on Portal!

Techy Portal chunder

Benet’s happy he made it down the Portal tech!

Navajo Rocks

This is a new area built in 2014 that snakes through slickrock mesa’s and fragile cryptobioticsoil. It consists of punchy climbs, long climbs easy climbs with fast flowy, some techy descents. Basically it has it all! But on the scale of technical Moab riding I’d put in the Intermediate catagory. This is a great loop that you should take your time on. The Big Mesa trail is the icing on the cake of this ride. Enjoy the view and take it all in. It truly is a magical section of trail. We did this ride from Rocky Tops, clockwise to Rambling.

Trailforks Ridelog


Rocky Tops trailhead. Sorry No Ebikes on BLM land.

Slickrock outcroppings

Sidehill, YES your tires will stick!

View of Monitor and Merrimac Buttes

Well marked and signed trails

Big Mesa

Big Mesa

Big Mesa

Finish up on Ramblin.

We then spent another evening hiking in Arches. When you buy your pass for $10.00 its good for a week!

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