Pemberton May 2013 Riding

Pemberton is a great place to ride in May and June, sometimes pretty hot in July and August, but great again when it cools off in the Fall. The Pemberton Valley Trails Association ( PVTA ) has done a great job maintaining and building new trails.

Here is a selection.

Ivy Lake Area:

New Trails – Backpains, around Crosstown Traffic – Larger map can be found HERE but it doesn’t have the new trails yet.

Start of Backpains off Nimby. Makes a great loop and another fun descent. Built by Seb and Ewan Fafard of Mission.

Bridge on Backpains

Moosejaw in the area around Radio Tower. You can do some nice little loops in this area. Lots of new trails here.

Easy huck even I can do on Lower Mission Impossible

Lee on Mission Impossible.

Pemberton – Ivey Lake – Backpains at EveryTrail

I recreated this map of One Mile Lake area cause the one at the PVTA site isn’t updated. You can do some great loops here and this area is really good when its raining in Whistler. Newsflash is a new climb, climbing up Overhill to Newsflash to Brakeway is a good way to get to Pioneer. You can do another lap and exit on Lumpies.

One Mile Lake Pemberton May 31, 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Newsflash climb

Our route:

Climbed up Lumpy’s -> K2 -> Pioneer -> Newsflash -> ( right on ) Brakeaway -> Pioneer -> Fizzy pop -> Dog Beach

Pemberton – One Mile at EveryTrail

Another Route:

Up Overhill -> Newsflash -> Brakeaway -> Pioneer -> Newsflash -> Breakaway -> Lumpies

Pemberton – One Mile Lumpys at EveryTrail

Don’t forget the other trails in the area – Lee on PHD before he crashed.

PHD May 31 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


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