Pemberton Riding

July Riding In Pemberon.

Mt Currie dominates Pemberton


Cromags ride uphill well.. Joe likes his

and descend well too

Knolly Deliriums like Pemberton berms

Joe seems to have trouble staying on the ground. That Cromag must be light

This section of trail finishes off with more smooth, fast downhill

We were self-powered the whole day. Don’t really think that the climbs up
to the trails in Pemberton are long enough to need a bunch of shuttles and
shuttling takes almost as much time. Enough with the preaching, on to the next
set of trails.

This time a couple of loops off the more common Pemby trails dropping back
down to Mt Currie road – this time with Steve.

Steve drops in.

Steep rollers abound

Requisite great view of Mt Currie

Lots of gorgeous rocklines

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