Phalanx Glacier – Feb 21 2009

This is the first time we’re getting out into the Blackcomb Backcountry in 2009! Usually by now we’ve skid here many times. With the low snow it just hasn’t been that appealing to get out here. We decided to check it out anyway. The snow was pretty good! But yes, low and the area was tracked out!

Heading out Blackcomb Glacier.

Not the usual hordes

Instead of going down Don’t Swill we traversed a little further around the Spearhead and did a short bootpack up to this little notch.

Lee leading the way.

Steve, who is now living in Victoria and is about to be a dad, joined us for one of his few ski days.

Looking across the Spearhead Glacier to the popular slack country destinations.

Phalanx peak is the prominent one in the middle.

Looking back at Don’t Swill.

Steeper and sketchier then it looks!

Once at the stairmaster you can look back and see how many people have been skiing here! Ack! You can see the notch we came up beside the ridge of Don’t Swill.

The hordes!

Lee heading up the stairmaster.


Lee at getting to the top.

200m later.

Sharon getting to the top.


Now we meadow skip down Phalanx Glacier.


Lee heading down the bony slope.

watch out for those rocks!

We lap between 2100 – 1900 meters where the snow was nice.

Nice day for a spring jaunt!

Looking at Wedge you would think it was May!

Heading back

Other Phalanx options.

The skin track back to poop chutes was a little dicey.

where is the snow!

Grass at 1900m!

This is February!

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