Spearhead and Phalanx Glacier – Feb 6 2010

Words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Lee wanted to do the Cham chutes. After getting there we figured the snow would be better down the Spearhead side so that’s where we went! Twice! Then up the Stairmaster to Phalanx for the last hurrah.

Heading up the Chair. Quatchi is looking forward to it !

Glacier chair at 9:00am on a Saturday!

Bootpacking up Spearhead.

Left for another day

Looking back at the Spearhead Glacier.

Approaching the Stairmaster.

Mike Traslin joined us today, heading up the Stairmaster.

Quatchi was enjoying the ride up the stairmaster!

Lee and Mike heading the charge.

After we skied down Phalanx, we boot packed back up to go back down and around and down.

Heading down Phalanx.

Mike heading down Phalanx.

Above the poop chutes looking North.

Looking back up Blackcomb Glacier from Poop Chutes.

View of Spankys area.


Spearhead Phalanx Glacier – Blackcomb backcountry from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Phalanx Glacier at EveryTrail

Elevation Profile of Spearhead and Phalanx Glacier.

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