Revelstoke – Keystone Standard Basin, Frisby Ridge, MacPherson

Keystone Standard, Short Frisby, Random MacPherson ride

Keystone Standard Basin

Keystone Standard Basin is a classic Revelstoke ride. A one hour drive from town and up a logging road to 1700m you are in the Alpine quickly. We’ve ridden Keystone Standard Basin at least three times before and its still a favorite. If you ride all the way to the cabin its 11km. Lately we’ve just been riding to the high point and doing some other alpine variations.

All these areas are maintained by the Revelstoke Cycling Association so consider donating if you ride here! You can also donate through Trailforks!

Alpine Beer!


Frisby Ridge

Frisby Ridge is a classic. We had a short time to do this ride as an add on to a MacPherson ride. I think its best to do this ride later in the afternoon/evening since its an out and back and starting later will ensure you run into fewer people riding up. This 12km ride climbs just over 800m into the Alpine, after you go as far as you want you turn around and come back! This is a purpose built mountain bike trail so easier technically and physically then Keystone, but busier because of that. Great place to see some Alpine Flowers!


Random Macpherson

Mt. MacPherson is a cross country ski area where the Revelstoke Mountain Bike Association has been able to build mountain bike specific trails and manage the other trails that developed over the years. It,s a great network for a long or short xc ride.

Since our friend Bryce recently moved there we were able to stay at his place for this trip and ride from his house experiencing Bryce-loam-to-home.


Trailforks Ride Log

Keystone Standard Basin

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