Rogers Pass – 8812 Bowl; Ursus Trees Jan 3rd 2009

Jan 2, 2009 – Bruins || Jan 4, 2009 – Bostock

Got in the alpine today. Found the faceted layer from Dec 25 2008 @ 65 cm confirming PC avalanche report and MCR but not reactive to skier weight Pillows and convexities didn’t react to ski cuts. some sluffing on storm snow but no slabs. Headed up Bruins Ridge and gained Bruins Pass. Enough coverage now that you don’t have to bootpack the ridge. Wind effect quite pronounced above tree-line with ridges stripped bare and lee slopes loaded. The slide from 3 weeks ago in 8812 is well-covered and skiing was fine and the snow fast. Temps were still low – about minus 20 to minus 15

Sharon on the Connaught Crk trail

Up to Bruins Pass on Bruins Ridge

Enough snow now that you don’t have to bootpack to Bruins Pass

Posing on Bruins Ridge

Splitboards aren’t great on icy sidehills

Tyler on Bruins Pass

Jimmy with Sharon and Tyler reflected

Lee on 8812 Bowl and Ursus Trees – my tracks lookers right




1600m of climbing

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