Somewhere in Montana- July 30, 2009

Words and photos by Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Day 1 – History Rock – Bozeman, Montana
Day 2 – 3 – Trespass/Sypes; Emerald; A big peak|
Day 4 – Somewhere
Day 5 – 6 – Corral Creek, Fox Peak – Ketchum, Idaho
Day 7 – Warm Springs Creek;
Pioneer – Long Gulch
Day 8 – Corral Creek, Fisher Creek – Stanley, Idaho
Day 9 – Bull Trout to Bonneville

Finally after many years of trying, Sharon and I got to ride with Sean from Missoula who drove down to meet us. Tony felt bad (unjustifiably so) for not getting us an alpine loop with all the poor weather in the Bozeman area. With an improving forecast we wanted to give a classic alpine loop in the area a shot – it starts at 5800ft, goes to just shy of 10k (we hiked up to a gentle summit at 10K+ then loops back down to parking. This turned out to be the best ride of the trip. Indeed it was so good that I don’t know whether I’d do this again – nothing would replicate the perfect condtions; shady and cool on the bike ride and hike-a-bike up; sunny as we got to the summit; just enough moisture on the trails to keep them tacky and dust free and railing endless singletrack down. It was a privilege to ride this gem in such conditions – everyone should be so lucky.

Tony climbing on the lower trails

Man, that Sean can climb …

Then follows a short but sweep downhill to give us a taster

More by Tony climbing to get to the first saddle

Cresting the first saddle then the pano overlooking river valleys to the West

Then follows more climbing, riding alternated by hike-a-bike to get to the alpine

Lee and Tony. The clouds are breaking and weather improving

Tony and Sharon in the last leg of the climb at about 9,500 ft

Dirty legs and alpine flowers



Sharon spinning her little legs

We basked in the beautiful views and moderate temps of the alpine while Sean contemplated his love for MTBR

Then it was time to lose 5,000 ft of elevation – here goes TonyStunning views are de rigeur.

Sean and Sharon

Lee free-tarding

Sharon and Sean

Sean drops off the first saddle – the trail snakes cross-hill on talus then switchbacks down

Sharon and Sean

View looking back from whence we came

Not too many shots of the descent – just video – Lee


Tony badly wanted to see the pictures so we obliged and geeked out

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