Sorcerer Lodge – Assorted air and crashes

Sorceror Lodge’s terrain doesn’t just have endless powder fields. If you’re running short on visibility, there are also some pretty fun north-facing treed pillow lines to hit. One group in particular hit every air in sight – I had a lot of fun following Alastair, Dave, Pete and Vince around and seeing them create bombholes.

Sorceror pillow lines on Lee’s Trees

Dave Fullerton in action

Pete Golden on Lee’s Trees

Pete Golden on “Big Bag of Stupid” – credit for name goes to Jeremy Sebulsky

Alastair Darichuk showing his steeze on Lee’s Trees

Pete Golden again

Alastair airing it out

Dave Fullerton - such a camera hog

Dave Fullerton again

Vince hamming it up for the camera

Dave with one heck of a spectacular crash on the prominent rock below Bruno’s Notch on the Nordic Glacier ~ photo Pete Golden

Pete on Lee’s Trees

Dave opens it up on the Lower Khumbu ~ photo Pete Golden

Dave on Big Bag of Stupid

Vince on Wizard Gullies ~ photo Pete Golden

Dave Fullerton - Moraine Run ~ photo Pete Golden

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