South Chilcotin August 2014; Day 6 – B & F to Tyax

Our last day was exceedingly leisurely and something usually knocked off in an afternoon. Another monstrous breakfast followed and then our last camp breakdown ensued this time with our multiday packs feeling much more like just daypacks. Soon we were off down Eldorado Creek and approaching B&F. I had suggested this route as it had been a very dry year and every bro brah had been enduro’ing Lick Creek like a red-headed stepchild. B&F turned out to be a good call and a treat of a ride. We were back at Tyax at a very civilized time and once again Bryce took the final KOM on the last road sprint.

Off to Lillooet for a Guaranteed Rugged gut bomb fest at A&W and back to the city at a reasonable time for a change

Chilcotins August 2014 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


Had to use all the rest of the butter for last oatmeal

The last morning

Flowers in the meadows!

More flowers approaching B&F ridge

Yah I love flowers

Green dildo repeater tower ridge hike

and down B&F we go – from 2100m or so to 1020m


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