Chilcotins – Day 3 – Spruce Lake to Tyaughton Lake

Day 3 was our shortest day but still intense- we covered 28km over 7 hours and 20 min. Elevation gain 1430m. Descent 1963m. Our route is marked below

We got really lucky with the weather again. A cool breezy night meant no bugs and a good sleep. This time we got going a little earlier. Again, perfect cycling temperatures.

Taken by Zdenek Manhal

We kept an eye out for the resident grizzly as we hiked up Windy Pass but didn’t see neither hide nor hair of her.

How many times now have I been on Windy Pass? Yet the views never cease to amaze.

Taken by Pat Mulrooney

Looking back down Windy Pass towards the Leckie Range and Copper Mountain.

Top of Windy Pass and, surprise, its windy and cold.

It’s a lot more fun descending then climbing it.

Taken by Pat Mulrooney

Then take the right turn to Eldorado Creek. In this panorama the exit to the LS Bluffs trail is dead ahead. Eldorado Creek trail is to picture right.

The ride through Eldorado Creek – beautiful as ever with the flowers in bloom.

Taken by Pat Mulrooney

Taken by Pat Mulrooney

Pat in full flight

Zdenek as we keep making our way south to the Lick Creek drainage.

Then it’s one last climb so we can gain a 2200m pass so we can then descend 1300m to Tyaughton Lake.

Taken by Pat Mulrooney

The view from the ridge ain’t bad at all. Here’s Pat trying to figure out if we have time to do the Tour de Carpenter Lake. Quite the storm squalls over the Bendor Range to the south (picture right)

This panorama shows the view south then west of the ridge with the Hurley in the middle

My lucky cow hat gains the ridge top

Taken by Pat Mulrooney

Then its time to go down down down ……

Did I mention that we have to go down Mike ??? How does one concentrate both on the view and on the trail?

Don’t bring your v-brakes to this party folks. Alpine singletrack at its finest.

Still descending but now through boreal forest.

Taken by Pat Mulrooney

and finally we’re back at the truck with Tyaughton Lake glinting below

It’s times like this that I feel sorry I don’t drink. What a great trip!!!

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