Switzerland 2014-Day 3-St.Luc/Chandolin-Illsee-Parilet- Sierre

Switzerland 2014 – Valais – Brig, St Luc, Becs de Bosson and Crans Montana.

Switzerland once again calls, this time we choose to explore some lesser knows areas with Martin Buetler of Alpine-Trails. As a local rider he knows where to ride, when and the best way to hook up the WanderWegs.

We wish to thank Tourism Switzerland, Valais Tourism, Brig Simplon Tourism, Sierre Anniviers, and Crans Montana for their support.

Day 3-St.Luc – Chandolin-Illsee-Parilet – Sierre

Day 3 we take the St. Luc/Chandolin chairlift up to the alpine, This route let us by some go by some dams and allowed us to descend one of the longer sustained downhills in the area. Unfortunately my GPS died, but the descent started at 2555m at Parilet Pass and ended at valley bottom at Sierre where we then took Postauto back to St Luc.

This ride starts with a pleasant ramble up to the Illsee where you descend the Prince of Persia rocky tech hop-turn mandatory downhill to the hydro lake.   There is one tough hike a bike from Illsee to Parilet pass of about 300m, but after that if you have no issues with the crazy farmer by the second dam who put rocks on the trail and has apparently threatened riders with a gun, and told our guide that next year he will put cables across the trail, then you should have a great descent!

St Luc to Sierre via Illsee and Parilet from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Morning view from Bella Tola, St Luc

Getting the bikes ready

610m lift to the Alpine

Riding to Illsee Pass

Riding down to Illsee, Technical, rocky descent

Martin showing us how its done

Riding down, the green patch on the other side of the damned lake is where we hike-a-bike back up to Parilet pass

The Canadian shows the Singaporeans how to do it without depth perception!

Poser Norco shot

Very Blue Illsee

Photo by Martin Buetler

Photo by Martin Buetler


Shafudin getting used to the Swiss way of Mountain Bike-a-neering

We ride down Crazy farmer weg

Spot the two darkly dressed Singaporeans!

Mus riding down

Techy section of trail

Through the field before the fast part of the descent.

Forest section of trail

We load up on the Post Bus and back to Bella Tola, St. Luc

Enjoying the dying days of summer

Relaxing in the Library before dinner

One of those nice rooms you never sit in at this Historic Swiss hotel!

Getting ready for our dinner. Even Lee put a clean shirt on.

FOOD! Appetizer, Fish Main course, Cheese plate desert, Chocolate cake desert

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