Switzerland Vacation Davos Day 10 Weissfluejoch to Gotschnagrat with the Swiss from Unterageri

Roman and Guido stayed an extra day at the Hotel Strela taking adventage of the bike package. One night, two days Gondola package with breakfast for 90CHF! Since they were here we had to do another long ride! From Davos to Klosters we rode and back. 37km with 2300m of descending.

Mornings starting with a buffet breakfast at Hotel Strela. Their coffee was VERY good! You had to cook your own eggs which was a variable affair depending on how hot their water bath was. The picture below is our room with a great balcony!

We arrive at the Parsenn at 9:15 for our first climb! The Parsenn Funicular was originally built in 1931, 7 years after it was first mentioned as an April fools joke. Those Swiss. The current train was built in 2002.

From Davos Klosters Media piece:

Parsenn – a classicParsenn is the birthplace of ski sport in Switzerland. Back in 1895, four English tourists on skis lost their way heading towards Arosa and ended up in Küblis. A year later, local people repeated the downhill run from Weissfluh to Küblis – the legendary downhill ski run had been discovered. After the construction of the Parsenn funicular in 1931/32, Parsenn developed into the trendsetter in Swiss ski tourism. Today the Parsenn funicular is popular for its speed and comfort. Once again, Parsenn provides the link between tradition and modernity – it is and will remain the great classic for skiers and carvers.

Top of Parsenns

Then we go down! Roman starts riding towards the tunnels.

The traverse to the tunnels.

You can see why its called a Panoramaweg!

We’re at Strela Pass, from here you can ride to Arosa where we were earlier on our trip.

Continuing on the Panoramaweg

There are places where you can go down instead of riding all the way to Klosters.

But why would you ?

In this picture you can see the metal structure, that is to stabilize the snow to prevent avalanches in the winter.

The Funicular

There are some benches and places to rest along the way. Its for wanderweggers afterall!

Once off the Panoramaweg we head towards the meadows and Schwarzseealp

We ride down to Klosters via the Gotschnagrat Freeride Aline trail. Its not bad! Bit wet though. Klosters caters to the freeride mountain bike crowd.

We then do the arduous journey up to the top of Gotschnagrat at 2281m.

We go down again!

Roman contemplating his line

The Swiss Alpine is technical. A very fun technical.

With stellar views!

Nice ride guys!

Davos Weissfluejoch to Klosters at EveryTrail


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