Switzerland Vacation Davos Day 11 and 12 Jakobshorn and Rinerhorn

Sept. 13th and 14th.

On the south side of the Valley are the Jakobshorn and Rinerhorn Gondolas. Rides from both these gondodolas end in the Sertig Valley. The ride off the Jakobshorn is more rocky and technical, off the Rinerhorn is more up and down XC. Both end up on a multiuse FAST path back to Davos.

These two laps can be done in one day. We did it in two cause we were tired. We were also told the Rinerhorn ride was more strenous XC, actually it was really fun XC. My middle ring was skipping so I had to get it fixed at on Tuesday at Ivan’s Specialized Velo Store so it was a lot more fun to ride the Rinerhorn with a working middle ring.

Both these rides end in the Sertig Dorfli Valley exiting at Clavadel and back to Davos.


Top of Jakobshorn with Vince

Jakobshorn singletrack

Lee fixing my bike again! Switzerland has not been kind to my drivetrain… or brakes…

Back at Clavadel we rode by this dairy farm – Drink Milk! Not 1% or 2% or whole or skim, just milk… fancy that!

My skipping middle ring was driving me nuts! So we went by Ivan’s bike shop the Specialized Store and Michael was able to replace it with one they had in the box! Thanks!

Then Lee and Bryce did a short Panoramaweg from Parsenns again while I read my ipad.

Tough day

The next day we rode down for about 15 minutes to the Rinerhorn.

They made us unload the bikes !

2054 m at the top.

We ride towards Sertig

This was a fun trail, not a lot of Chue Schiesse

but great views!

Very Swiss veiws

And of course of the restaurant at the end of the single track

for beer and coffee!

Then the grueling trek back!

on a really fast trail

Rinerhorn Elevation Profile

Davos Rinerhorn at EveryTrail

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