Switzerland Vacation St Moritz Day 14 and 15 Bernina Pass

Sept 16th – Bernina Pass and Col D’anzana and 17th – Ride back to Pontresina

The famed Bernina pass is a must do when in the St. Moritz valley. We had heard so much from the Alta Rezia Han’s Rey trips we had to check it out for ourselves. We were told by Michael at Ivan’s bike shop in Davos that the Descent from Col D’anzana to Tirano is a must do. So off we went.

There are two train stations in Celerina, Celerina Staz and Celerina Schlarigna which is what we arrived on. Staz was a 1 minute roll from the Inn Lodge. We arrived early for the historic ride up to the Bernina pass on the Rhaetian Railway. To get off at the pass you must go to the Ospizio Bernina Station. To get to Poschiavo you must ride by Lago Bianco to Alp Grum, follow the signs to Cavaglia and down to Poschiavo.

Nice Glaciers and peaks rising to 4000m surrounded us.

We got to the pass at 2253m. The sign shows hiking times. It was early, the sky was blue and there was a helicopter transferring gravel above us…

Built in the early 1900’s the railway over the pass is a UNESCO site because it encompasses technical, architectural and environmental technologies innovative for the time.

Single track down from the Hostel – Bernina Ospizio

Bryce by the Lago Bianco and the Cambrena Glacier


Horses with the early morning moon in the distance.

Heading towards Alp Grum.

Some of the techy single track sections.

At Alp Grum Palü Glacier looms.

The trail down is mostly gravel but fast!

Then we get to Cavaglia, really nice town.

We did miss one turn from Dave at Swiss Alpine Adventures but this grassy descent was fun!

Then we found some single track. STEEP!

At Poschiavo we met Patrick at the Train Station for the shuttle to Col D’anzana

To arrange a shuttle call Patrick at:

Phone+41 (0)81 844 10 42
Fax +41 (0)81 844 10 66

Along the drive up you can see Poschiavo. There is a small town you go through – Cavaione which is the the most southern town on this route before you get to Italy.

The top of the shuttle. Now we climb! Thanks Patrick!

But not before Coffee!

First there is a road.

Then the trail intersection

The Swiss built trail.

At the top is Maria Madona, the two trail head signs indicate the border. Which in reality, is vague… This trail exists as a smugglers route for tobacco. Thank the smugglers for trails!

Walking to Italy.

Damn, forgot my bike in Switzerland!

Start of the descent. The top part was really good and flowy.

Then it got steep and switchbacky.

We stopped for a view back to Poschiavo

The lower part was like Roman Road – really smooth rock armoured.

Did I mention at the top that the pin from my Elixer Carbons fell out? Thankfully Bryce had a zap strap, the pin was later fixed by Corrado Spada from the Spada bike shop in Tirano.

I think I’ll keep this in…

Corrado showing us his 23lbs 5X5 Horst link bike he built. Spada bikes – He also builds REALLY light and cool wheels. Great for climbing some of these mountains.


Tirano train station.

We caught the train back to Celerina, we could have ridden down from the pass again, but we saved that for tomorrow. This is a spiral bridge the train used to gain elevation. Cool.

Today’s elevation profile.

Bernina pass to Poschiavo to Tirano viacoldanzana at EveryTrail
EveryTrail – Find hiking trails in California and beyond

Sept. 17th

The next day we decided to catch the train again as Celerina Staz and get off at Ospizio Bernina for the ride back down to Pontresina and St. Moritz.

Lots of cows in this valley that didn’t much care about the train.

Heading the other way this time.

Bryce and the Cambrena Glacier

What do you do when you’re constantly riding by railway tracks… put a coin on them!

Back at the trails near St. Moritz, we were able to take these gravel trails directly to St. Moritz and bypass Celerina. We then did a couple of laps on St. Moritz ski area.

St. Moritz – Bernina pass funicular laps at EveryTrail


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