Switzerland Vacation Zermatt Day 18

Zermatt and riding in Switzerland. What to do. Go up the Gornergrat again!
We were up on the 9:00 train. That seemed to keep us ahead of most of the crowds and allow us to get some cool pictures.


Matterhorn Reflection in the minor Riffelsee.

FYI the Matterhorn is 4478m.

Biking over, or under… the Matterhorn

We then rode the trail that was below the Mark Twain Weg. Unnamed. Those Swiss.

At the bottom is the typical Zermatt view.

And old buildings.

Our second run today we went up the Funicular to Sunnegga, and had a beer.

Gotta get the Christmas card shot!

Even the animals know where to hang out

This trail is actualy the Blumenweg which we did on our first day. But I put the pictures here. This trail was fast and switchbacky.


The tree line trails would sometime go onto the ski runs.

For our last run on Friday we wanted to check out the panoramaweg, cause they’re usually pretty good! and ride down Abenteuerweg. Wade reommended that we go down Gamsweg but that would have been another hour hike a bike up the Abenteuerweg.

It took about 45minutes to hike up to the Abenteuerweg, which was VERY Steep and switchbacky. Trials skills would have helped.

Wonder how the Matterhorn got here? Wonder no more! Click on image for larger image and text.

We go down!

Other side of the Valley is the Gamsweg. You’re right Wade. Had we done this trip with Big Mountain Adventures we would have been there instead of walking down this!

Started out good!

We made it down.

Finally the classic Swiss pic of the Alpenhorn!

Zermatt – Gornergrat day 3 at EveryTrail

Racing the gornergratbahn!

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