Todd McGivern driving instructor; License to Drive Ltd. of Pemberton and Global News Amy Judd poor reporting

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Licence to Drive Ltd. of Pemberton, BC.  (604) 894-1455; (feel free to review.  I did)

On March the 13th, 2018 Global published this piece.  In my opinion it was a hack job by Amy Judd (facebook, twitter) entitled “B.C. driver fined after rear camera catches her tailgating student driver“.  This story was about Todd McGivern of Licence to Drive Ltd of Pemberton BC teaching unsafe (and possibly illegal) driving habits.

I believe that Amy Judd, and the reporters of of Global involved in this story should be subject to Canadian Press Council investigation for naming (and shaming) the driver concerned, not giving her a reasonable time to respond and not allowing her to provide her side of the story contrary to standard journalistic professional ethics and conduct.

I believe Todd McGivern teaches unsafe driving habits.   My opinion is that he should not be teaching driving.

33 secs into video. 63 in a 90 zone. "One of those Soccer Moms late for work - Todd McGivern"

This story relates how Todd McGivern of Pemberton took a learner driver on the Sea to Sky highway for a lesson (on a clear, sunny, dry day) and put the learner student driver in a situation for which she was not prepared.   In this story Todd McGivern is providing driving instruction.  The learner driver is nervous and is driving well below the speed limit.  A number of cars are behind the learner (in one snippet of the video approximately 20 cars are stacked behind the learner.  Todd McGivern’s dashcam video shows him telling the learner to slow down so as to “teach” drivers behind not to tailgate.   The car behind the learner only gets close when Todd McGivern tells his learner to slow down (the car behind also slows down accordingly).

35 secs into video. 53 in a 90 zone. "Female Driver eh"


Todd McGivern of Pemberton. A driving instructor who teaches unsafe habits

Much of the highway from Pemberton to Whistler has a speed limit of 90kmh.  On a section of highway where the speed limit is 90kmh Todd McGivern tells the student to deliberately slow down to speeds of 20 to 30kmh below the speed limit.  Indeed the dashcam provided by Todd McGivern tells the story; he is teaching a student unsafe and dangerous practices.

In my opinion road courtesy goes both ways. Not only did Todd McGivern not teach road courtesy, Todd McGivern also taught dangerous behaviour.

In my opinion a driving instructor should not be teaching a student to play games out on the highway. In no way should people be learning anything but defensive driving. If the learner is nervous about driving at highway speeds that is perfectly understandable.  The learner could easily learn in a lesser-crowded road.  Indeed ICBCs own manual re “smart driving skills” counsels “pull over to let other drivers go by if there is a line of vehicles behind you”.  Todd McGivern should read this manual

ICBC "Smart Driving Skills"





















Finally Todd McGivern is also teaching driving habits that are prohibited under B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act.   Under the MVA, if road conditions are good you can be fined for driving 10 kmh under the speed limit, Todd McGivern should have told the learner to pull over (there are numerous pullouts on the highway where the learner could have safely pulled over and stopped without issue or undue stress).  Instead he created an unsafe situation.   From the MVA s. 145 (slow driving) and regulations  these are the fine amounts for driving too slow

  • s. 145(1) – Slow driving. $121 fine. Three penalty points.
  • s. 150(2) – Failure to keep slow vehicle on right. $109 fine. Three penalty points.
  • s. 151(g) – Slow moving in wrong lane. $109 fine. Two penalty points.
  • s. 151(3) – Improper use of leftmost lane. $167 fine. Three penalty points.


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