Whister – Crankworx, more than just the bike park

Whistler Bike Park trails during Crankworx – August 2012 update

Words, pictures and video by Lee Lau and Sharon Bader

There’s this little show in town in August called Crankworx that tends to dominate headlines. While the hordes are cavorting in the village, just as many are on the trails in the bike park and the valley. Here’s a few pictures showing some of the new things in the Whistler Bike Park (lower trails and the new alpine showcase, Top of the World).

Due to its location in the alpine, Top of the World is to be built in five sections. Only two sections were open when it was first open limiting singletrack riding to short sections and necessitating lots of fire road exit. We rode it after the third section was built and were invited back to enjoy the newly opened fourth section which added 1.5kms of trail extending all the way to Khyber Corner (for a total of 3.4 km of trail). Props to Gravity Logic for their hard work on that..

It need not be said that the trails in the Whistler and Pemberton valley are also in fantastic shape. Get out there and ride!

Bike Park and Top of the World

Valley Trails – Jack the Ripper in Pemberton. Our “cross country” ride

Top: Mike Johnstone and the Peak Leader’s program which trains instructors to a higher level

Bottom: Seb Bunney graduated from the program last year and is busier than he can imagine with work in his dream job

Dave Z seeing Sam Z off to his lessons for the day

Some trails that were open late last fall or new for this year in the Whistler Bike Park. Shady Acres and Del Boca Vista are technical trails winding in off the Dirt Merchant creek gap to the lower mountain. Funshine Rollidrops is an old school tech rock and roots fest that adds some variety from B-Line to the lower mountain. Last but not least Blue Velvet is a beginner/intermediat jump trail in the Garbo Zone.

Sharon on Shady Acres

Leanne of Sombrio leads a group of woman riders on the SRAM-sponsored Gold Rush tour through an instructional session. Thanks for stoking out riders and getting more woman into the sport!

Peter Morin is 72 years old and still going strong. Sharon’s another one of those girls who charges

Blue Velvet bermage

Blue Velvet and Funshine Rollidrops

Less talk – more Top of the World

Sharon on Top of the World. That’s Mt Davidson and the Cheakamus Glacier 12kms away on the other side of the valley for the geography geeks

I forced them to take this picture of me with Black Tusk in the background

The new section of Top of the World adds a lot more riding. The Mt Fee massif in the backdrop is W of Whistler and is a remnant volcanic cone being part of the Pacific Ring of Fire

Peter still stylish

and now for the sensitive flower shots

Permberton BC, Jack The Ripper

16km with a shuttle to the radio towers
500m Climbing
1500m Descent

The next day we headed over to Pemberton (20 mins north of Whistler) to ride Jack the Ripper. Due to the 35 degree heat we forgoed the customary 5 hour climb from valley floor and settled for just the one hour climb shuttling part way. Brett on a rock roll

Sharon on typical Whistler/Pemberton terrain

Jake on the don’t miss ladder bridge. Fall to your right and its 10m bounce off rocks and split your head wide open

Christian riding conservatively.


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