Whistler – Escape the wet Vancouver trails and ride it all!

Whister – Doing it Right – AM, XC, DH

The weather this Junuary has been cold and wet. Truly uninspiring riding conditions! Its even too wet to do trail work. Fortunately last weekend we were distracted by the MEC North Shore Bike Fest and Revenge of the Ripper races. I had a committment on the weekend so we decided to head up to Whistler for some drier riding and get as much as we could in!

The first day we waited for the rain to stop then headed to Pemberton which is 400m lower then Whistler, usually warmer and drier. And it was! We explored a bit more around One Mile Lake where they’ve been doing some great work on the trails!

New map of One Mile area.

We were going to ride the Bike Park but given the fact we melt like sugar in the rain we opted to wait a day and get some downhill runs in when the trails dried a bit. The trails in the Bike Park drain well! We saw people leaving the day before and they were covered in MUD! Today, not so bad. The trails were tacky and pretty fast.

Climbing up to the techy trails

Lee on Angry Pirate

Lee on the GLC Drop

Not to be outdone, one of the Whistler Bears had to get in on the action!

After a few runs in the park we wanted to get some cardio in and check out the one of the days of the Betty and Veronica race. The course will still be challenging even taking out the loop on Numb.

The new Sea to Sky trail is way nicer then the Green Lake Loop!

So there you have it, Whistler has a lot of different kinds of riding for your mood and the trails stay a lot drier then in Vancouver. We even took in a movie – Prometheus -lame, and had dinner for 50% off at The Mongolie Grill!

If you have an Iphone you can buy the Whistler App HERE. The bike shops will also have  Whistler Mountain Bike Guide or a fold out map for you to find the trails.

Whister – Yummy Numby, Numb to S2S trail at EveryTrail

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