Whistler Inbounds snow in 2005

Not that I mind but where are the crowds?

Did we just get winter again and no-one came? Tyler, Sharon and I don’t really mind. Maybe this wet coast snow isn’t the best type of snow for tourists, maybe everyone’s thinking about mountain-bikes …. whatever we don’t care. A foot of new snow is a foot of new snow.

Sharon and Tyler on Tokum

Sharon on Tokum – 10am and still getting fresh tracks! Did everyone fall asleep and leave us in pow pig heaven?!?

A sequence of Tyler on BearPaw

Sharon and Tyler again on BearPaw

Getting close to 11am and still fresh tracks! When will it end?

Lee poaching Tyler’s lines on Wild Card’s trees

Tyler beaten to the lines

After lunch it’s time for laps on the steeps on the west side of Harmony. Here’s Lee on Chunky’s Choice. 1pm and where are the crowds? Cappucino’s in the Roundhouse or the groomers on Olympic too tempting or what!?!

Tyler following the line.

T-bars opened at end of day but the rest of the alpine was closed.

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