Whistler Slackcountry – Oboe and Cowboy Ridge

Other trips in the area not big enough for their own post:
March 25th Russet Ridge

With 138cm in the last 7 days, not much the night before and inbounds getting
pretty much schralped meant it was time to pick some easy fruit.

So off to Oboe and Cowboy Ridge we went! A few people had been there the day
before and there were a few groups out this far but plenty of pow to be found.

We exited Singing Pass which was in the best condition I have ever skied it.
45 minutes out!

Lots of people heading to Flute


Looking across to Cowboy Ridge

Clouds came in by the afternoon.

Whiskey Jacks are getting brave!


Oboe and Cowboy Ridge at EveryTrail

March 25th Russet Ridge

We were back again one week later. Not a lot of new snow, but a lot of skiers!
Most everything on Flute, Oboe and Cowbow Ridge were sun affected or pretty
skied out. We went the next ridge over to Russet Ridge. We were going
to go back up and over. But the weather came in hard. We retreated via Singing
Pass which was still in great shape.


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