Canoe Mountain- Part III

After the climb is over – its time to descend. It took me about 3 hours and 47 minutes to do the climb. Not an earth-shattering time but I was at least lucid for the descent.

It took us about 42 minutes to descend. This is the crest of the hill at the oh f*ck plateau – it was the only point in the descent where the big ring was any use. Every other time, you were spinning out completely! Pretty impressive view on to the Premier Group looking due west.

sbtopdescend.jpg (36770 bytes)

It was frigging cold at the top – hence the jackets, pants etc. It did get warmer as we got lower but at the speed we were carrying, it was wise to leave the clothes on for padding. Did I mention that Sharon can book pretty fast on the downhills! I think it’s the brakes!

 sbmiddescent.jpg (82267 bytes)

I didn't ask her to stop every now and then to take "Smell the Flowers" shots because my fragile male ego was dented from her continuous dropping of me in my frantic pursuit bombing down the road. Oh no, I had to get the picture; it wasn't a not-so-subtle way for me to catch up to her.

Still, she is awfully cute, isn't she?

sbflowers.jpg (94594 bytes)

All in all, it was an amazing trip. Pretty uneventful descent – in many ways quite a letdown from the monster climb. Canoe could use some singletrack down from the mid-point – it would "only" be 800 m of descending but who's counting?

Yup – we were there – and we conquered. Proud of you Shar for toughing out the climb. Proud of us!

canoeviewpoint.jpg (41824 bytes)