Squamish Gathering Pics, Sept 22-24th 2000

Half way up 9 mile climb!

group9mile.jpg (33775 bytes)

Brad on Entrails

bradentrails.jpg (35979 bytes)

Charlene on Eds Bypass

charleneeds.jpg (31579 bytes)

Greg on Made in the Shade

gregshade.jpg (27330 bytes)

Kirk on the Powerhouse plunge

kirkplunge.jpg (35829 bytes)

Pete on the Plunge

peteplunge.jpg (36249 bytes)

Pete warming up on Neds

peteneds.jpg (37381 bytes)

Gary climbing up 5point hill in Crumpet woods

gary5point.jpg (38651 bytes)

View of Valleycliff from Rampage (Lisa, Gary, Al, Greg, Kathleen)

rampage.jpg (26751 bytes)

The group shot!

groupshot.jpg (35568 bytes)