Day 13 Mt. Baldy.

They told us it was their most technical ride. Lots of rocks and roots. Sure.

This was our thirteenth day of riding. Mind you we did take the day before off...

This is a view of Mt. Baldy from a previous trip in the rocky's taken from Jewel Pass.

Seb must have been feeling good on this day with that one day off since he was GONE on the climb. We only caught up to him at the top! Must have been the new Edge HT!

As you can tell from the mist, it was a pretty cool day, in fact it snowed the next day...

Here's Skogan leading the way down a 'steeper than it looks' section.

Followed closely by Seb.

and Celly "I think I'll ride my Vertex Today"

Seb getting shaken about on the rocky trail!

Brad, hoping his tires will hold on the slippery roots!

more (*8'ing rocks!

We're at the bottom of the trail in a flash!


From here, Lee, Skogan and Seb took another trail, with those god awful switchback climbs! Over another pass to where Brad and I met them. For me it was recovery day...