Rockies Summer of 2002



On the 11th day we should have rested but foolishly didn't. Instead we set out on a ride that would hopefully beat Laurie and Roger into submission. This ride is in Banff National Park and is an out-and-back on the north shore of Lake Minnewanka. I believe we went in 15 km in and then out for a total of 30k of riding. Luckily the trail is largely flat.

Kevin takes in the views on the leg in to the Lake on the ride with Mt Inglismaldie in the background.

Here is Laurie with a big smile. Boy we must really be hurting her! I bet you wish you didn't timetrial that section do you

Laurie and Seb, our token Empire Loyalist Brit cruise lakefront. Seb is all the way from London. This is his third time in Canmore. Is he planning the next Canary Wharf on this lakeshore?

Kevin, Roger, Laurie, Greg and Hadi contemplate more views while Roger explains "I think the 18th hole and the clubhouse could go right here!"

Seb was frantically trying to catch me all day. Relax Seb! This is supposed to be a rest day

Here we are at our turnaround point. Greg contemplates KansasBob's nuclear winter white legs while Brian tries to catch some rays. Lauire demurely looks away from all that wanton nakedness.

On the leg back, Roger refuses to admit defeat as I mercilessly lead him out and string out the peloton over the lakeshore - shattering their confidence.

Of course, I am only behind because I stopped to take pictures, ahem.