Babylon by Bike, Whistler BC.

This is a classic old school trail on the slopes of Whistler Mountain that you have to earn. First you must climb up to the Whistler Microwave Tower at approx. 1500m. Once there you have to find the trail, then its a pretty good grade down through single track, old logged areas with bridges and other obstacles, then through a trail being overgrown by alder, then you're back on the road for a bit then into Tunnel Vision which take us right back home!

Here is the climb... I started out wearing my arm and leg warmers, but quickly had to shed them.

In the distance across the valley is the Black Tusk Microwave Tower.

The climbing was relentless, the forest was pretty cool though.

A view across the Valley with the Tantalus range to the South, Callaghan Valley heading North towards Whistler.
The string of yellow poplars looked pretty cool along the evergreen slopes.

Then the descent! The first part was pretty fresh single track!

In standard Whistler fashion, what is single track without some rock slabs thrown in!

Todd is taking the more gnarly line!

This part was not ridable, at least not on these bikes. We had to belay down this rock wall.

but were still presented with many steep options to go!

We would always come out onto a rocky outcrop and be rewarded with spectacular views!

The single track continued!

Into the clearcut section where bridges helped us along our way.

Oh look! More rock slabs!


The happy cycling group gathering around for the picture!