Finally Pictures of the Edge Wedding Bike and Lee's Suga 2+!

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This is not actually the first time I've ridden the Edge bike. It's just the first time we've brought a camera along! This trail is called Severed Dick, one of the few XC trails on Seymour. The Edge bike likes Severed!

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The Sugar 2+ is ok with Severed too!

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The following pictures are on the top of C-buster. A linked log ride called the Zipper.

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After Lee and I finished our first pre-wedding ride on Friday morning we met up with Lee's friend Dave Lowen from Calgary, and Todd Carter for our afternoon pre wedding ride!

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Since Dave is not familiar with these trails we took him on some fun trails in our backyard. These trails are between the road to the LSCR and Seymour River before Camp Brick.

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Todd Carter!

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We're scoping out a new trail behind Camp Brick. As you can see it's not often used since Todd just 'slipped' off. The trail actually just ended.

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The trail down to Lynn Creek.

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An aside. On Monday we went back to that area to ride, oh the difference a weekend in Vancouver can make...

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