Tower of Power - Pemberton

May 2002

T'was another sucky day of Riding in BC.

The forecast was for sun, but here, who knows! But alas! They were correct and sunny it was! This particular day found us in Pemberton, about a 20 minute drive north of Whistler, and at 500meters lower than Whistler the day was even warmer! 25oC! SUMMER IS HERE!

Pemberton is still a working town as can be seen by the helicopter logging overhead

The plan was to do the Tower of Power, a quick shot down the powerlines from a little hill near One Mile Lake to Nairn Falls, then back up to ride Lumpies Epic, which goes around the little hill.

How short the memory is, I forgot this was an anaerobic climb fest, and we had to do it twice…

But at the top, the views were spectacular! Mt. Curry soars in the distance as we ride on the EDGE!

After making a wrong turn to start what was to be the Lumpies, we turn back and head to the Tower of POWER!

Maureen making it look easy;


Todd is not to be shamed by a GIRL

hmmm is it because they are riding Aluminun hardtails while Lee and I are on our Duallies? Or is it because they are over 40… I guess time will tell…

Many Rock slabs were ridden that day;

and some more…


with only a couple of miss-tracks

Then after a discussion regarding being responsible and riding back into Whistler so Todd could finish unpacking, or riding the second lap around Lumpies Epic, the logical decision was made and back up we climbed

Two hours later we were back at the car, and heading back home to Whistler.


The next day Lee and did some spring skiing on Whistler! The legs were HURTING but it was sunny and the snow was HERO. So it was all good.

That's why I couldn't ride with Brian and Duncan on Monday, that and I had to drive Lee into work to save his poor little legs. Oh, and summer left.