Letter From Camp Vancouver

Hi Ma & Pa,
Thanks for sending us to Camp Vancouver! Me n Raja have had a blast. Sorry it took so long to write, but they been keepin us reel busy.
The counselors are purdy nice. Brodiegrrl is in charge of the girls cabin. Some crazy guy, Leel, was supposed to be in charge of the guys. But he spent most his time lying in the hammock and hollerin at Brodiegrrl to giv um massages. Gotta say that he has probaby tangled with a tiger a two from the looks of his legs though. Must be why she takes care of um an all.
This is Leel in the mess hall (he liked to get all gussied up).

The furst day we signed up for mountain biking, but must ah gotten mixed up in a hikin group. We did this big daddy hike up a Mt. Thurston dragging our bikes the whole way. I guess we brung em fer the ride down, so as we could get back to the mess hall faster.
This here is my buddy, Peter, climbing on his bike whilst we wuz all hikin. Shucks, he even rode right past that there bear you see in front of em. It was waving its paws, but he didn't pay it no mind.

Dave was another cool camper that could ride just about anything. He managed to ride the part we all had to hike up.

Here we are in "bush-whacking" class. Can you see the trail? Neither could I. don't worry ma, the cut on Raja got on his face didn't need stitches. And the nurse Sharon iced my ankle all night so I could ride the next day.

This is Brodiegrrl sittin at the top of our hike. Ain't that a purdy view of the holler? There wuz blueberries coverin them bushes all over the place. We ate till our bellies were full. MMMMMMM good.

Next day, dagnabit, we got put in with the wrong group again. We ended up in ths "downhill hikin with yer bike" class. We had to wear this stuff called body armor. Guess that's on account of them tigers that had been gettin at Leel's legs. Figure it'd make it harder fer them to take a bite outa us.
Do you notice anything diffurnt bout my bike cumpared with the otherns? Shucks they all had these front shocks like Buster has on his dirtbike. And thar tires was all big and wide like yur 4 wheeler. Don't know why I didn't get no stuff like that. That's Raja, K'endo, Patrick (from Kansas City), and Peter (JohnnyShoreBoy).

We scrambled down Seymour Mtn - you shoulda seen the drops we had to do! It was okay, ma, cuz somebody had built these bridges for us to walk across. But they wuz reeeeeel skinny. Whoever built em must uh had a bit too much of Uncle Bub's moonshine, cuz they zigzagged all over the side of that mtn.

This camper, K'endo, is a few apples short of a bushel - you shoulda seen the things that boy would go down. I dunno ma, but doin that stuff, its jist wrong.

The last day, I think they felt kinda bad fer us. Dang, we'd dun so much climbing that we were wunderin if we could ride anywhere. Thank goodness Raja was along to pull me up the climbs:

I think that's why we got to do this really nice mtn bikin class in Whistler. It was reel purdy, what with all the flowers un all.

That Brodiegrrl was amazin, she could ride anything. Leel should be rubbing her back!

Even though we got a beatin, it was sure good fun! Shucks, Raja didn't even mind all the chores Leel made em do. It was worth ever bit of blood, sweat, and tears. Can't wait till next year!!!