Aikido Trip to Japan Fall 2003.


8:15, Aug 6 1945. The relationship between the US and Japan changed.

The Cenotaph containing the names of the known A-bomb victims (less the Korean victims). The flame burning beneath the cenotaph will be extinguished when the last nuclear weapon on earth is detroyed.

The Children's Peace Memorial. Inspired by Leukaemia victim Sadako who developed leukemia at age 10. She was 9 months old when the bomb went off. She started to fold 1000 cranes as a symbol of longevity and happiness in Japan. She died on her 644th crane. Now children from all over Japan fold cranes and bring them here to honour memory.

Paper Cranes

A-Bomb Mound. Piles of human ashes were piled here in the days after the bomb.

A-Bomb Dome. Previously the Industrial Promotion Hall, the bomb exploded almost directly above this building, they were aiming for the T-shaped Aioi Bridge.

Peace Clock



A-Bomb Dome. The only building left as is after the blast.

Korean Monument built in 1970 to honour the 10% of the victims who were Korean who served as slave labourers in Japanese factories during the war.


First constructed in 593 AD.
The shrine is dedicated to three Shinto goddesses of the sea; Ichikishima, Tagori, and Tagitsu, each of whom is believed to live within the inner sanctum of the shrine

The Floating Torii behind which is the Itsukushima Shrine.

Here we are again following Okomura-san so we don't get lost!

Guardian Lions at the gate of the shrine

The Otorri gate, standing in the sea and leading to the Itsukushima shrine, is the symbol of Miyajima Island. The present Otorii, the eighth that was constructed since the Heian period (794-1192), was built in 1875 with the wood of camphor trees. It is 16 meters tall, the roof is 24 meters long, and the main pillars, made from single trees, are 10 meters in circumference. The Otorii stands on its own support, having no part buried in the ground.

One of the Guardian Lions on the Dock


The five-storied pagoda, 27 meters tall, is believed to have been built in 1407.

For Lack of a better place to put them... A serving of Japanese Cuisine!

These fish were cooked alive... made for a cool shape...

Mt. Hakusan

mmmm noodles!


Breakfast, yes breakfast...

Lunch somewhere else

Not lunch, but hungry Koi!

Off to Yamaguchi, Hagi and Kintai-kyo!





Beppu - Hell