Day 2 - Devils Gulch

Slowly we rose to the sun on our tents and the desire for coffee pulling us out of our sleeping bags to begin preparation for our second day of riding. It's interesting camping with a bunch of guys. You hear about all the time they have to wait for their spouses to get ready... We'll, I know their secret. THEY need that time to get ready themselves!!

Up by 8:00, coffee by 8:15, oatmeal by 8:30, eggs by 8:45, bike cleaned by 9:00, bikes cleaned some more by 9:30. What to wear, 10:00. Bikes need to be cleaned again 10:30. Gotta change this tire 11:00. OH SHIT, I have a broken rim!!! 11:30. Gotta go do some business, 11:45. Get in the car to go to the bike shop, 12:00. Wait for Al to finish his hair 12:30. Get out of the car since its taking so long 12:45. We get to leave the campground! 1:00. New wheel by 1:30, new screw for cleat! 1:35. Shopping at Safeway 1:40. Need lunch by now...

2:00! At the Trail Head for the start of another 50km day!

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Due to our timely start we decided to park at a different parking spot since Devils Gulch is so popular the parking lot would be full by the time we got there. This would add an extra setion... So up we climb, 4.2 miles up Sand Creek, then 3.8 miles down! At this point the riders of reason decide to Shuttle the climb while the sicko's (Dwayne, Al, Brian and Lee) rode the 9.0 miles up Devils Gulch.

Here's Brian leading out the climb again

Dwayne on the climb #1 in the exposed heat. It got up to 34 degrees that day

Dave and Sharon

Brian bustin' through the trees!

Carolyn, smiling since she doesn't realize this is just the first climb!

Neil on his discount Cannondale frame. Shouldn't there be road wheels on that thing?

Vroomi'n (where's my motorcycle???) Al

Dale enjoying the ride

Dave pushing the limits with a 50 kmh powerslide!




The ridge view!

Nobody but Lee stopped to smell the flowers on this part of the descent!

Dave, ignoring the view since he was going so fast!

Al on the leg down Devil's Gulch before he realized that he wanted to turn around and climb up it.

Al with Trevor in hot pursuit!


Trevor pushing the legs after pushing out the ... nevermind...

More views

Waiting for the shuttle retrieval drinking beer, fighting mosquitos and eating junk food!

Lee, Dave, Kerry, Brian, Gary, Al, Neil from left to right. Sharon, Trevor and Dwayne are getting the cars...

The aftermath of fast descents!

Only 4 people did the second climb up Devils Gulch. The rest of us shuttled. For them it was another 50km day. For the shuttlers a meager 40km day. Yes we suck. We got back to camp for our 10:00 dinner and wine. Bedtime by 2:00. Gotta love State Parks!

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