Columbia Icefields traverse - selected pictures - April 13 - 16, 2005

Another weather window lets the guys break camp and start down through Tusk Pass towards YoungHusband ridge. Tusk Peak is on picture right. YoungHusband ridge is ahead.

This picture shows the Duplicate Glacier to the south taken from Tusk Pass and how broken it is. I suppose that one could punch over Tusk Irvine col and descend the back (south face) of Tusk Peak to the Duplicate. Good luck with navigation though and I won't be following in your tracks. That would be the back end (north west face) of one of the mountains on the ridge of the Shackleton Group peeking through the clouds.

Stunning view of Tusk Peak's east face. More an ice/rock climb although I won't doubt someone will try to ski it one day.

This picture shows a view of Duplicate Mountain from the north on the way to another camp at the base of Apex Mountain. Hidden partially from view are the twin peaks of Duplicate (hence the name)

Here is a view of the east peak of Duplicate Mountain taken from the north west.

and another view of the same peak deeper into the Clemenceau Glacier heading east on a slight downslope.

This photo shows the Shackleton Group and Mt Shackleton 3327m (centre of picture/south) from the base of Apex Mountain. The east peak of Duplicate is the peak on picture right (north)

Visibility deterioates through the Chaba Icefield and doesn't return till deep into the Columbia Icefield. The guys run low on food so no summits of Andromeda, Columbia or Snow Cap to be had I guess. Here's a nice picture of some seracs taking a tumble on some un-named ridge on the Columbia. By the fact that my camera makes it back intact I'm guessing none of the guys were near it.