Hollyburn January 2005

Some pictures from a local backcountry destination close to a xc ski area during a cold snap in Vancouver. Strictly speaking the backcountry area starts above the marked xc ski trail and is referred to as Mt Hollyburn. It is a south-facing slope which I hesitate to call backcountry - it is now overrun by snowshoer's, bootpackers, and lots of lots of clueless newbs who don't think twice about stopping in the middle of a trail or messing up a skin track. Oh well, if I wanted outdoors I wouldn't be going up the winter equivalent of the Grouse Grind.

Here is the start point - at the xc area parking lot. Sharon, PD, Louise and their new puppy.

Mid slope - nice view of Vancouver. Lots and lots of people out today. New snow but snowpack is still quite thin.

Peak of Hollyburn with Louise coming out of the trees. Its perhaps 30 minutes from the start area to the top of the xc ski runs and perhaps another 20 minutes to the peak of Hollyburn. Add 10 minutes to each route for a more mellow pace of course. The peak is 1325m and the elevation gain is 440m.

Even though its an easy to reach area I have seen sluffing on the skin approach. However, unlike Seymour, its pretty much impossible to get lost here. You can ski down the south facing slope or the west faces through some tight trees to the little creek dividing Hollyburn and the Cypress dh ski runs.

The skiing isn't the greatest coming down. Snowshoers and skiers have stomped down every last bit of powder. There is one last untouched track down to the car - you take what you can get.

Here are some pictures from much earlier - in Dave B's pre parenthood days when we used to go up Hollyburn quite a bit. He's improved quite a bit since then.