Maggots on the Musical Bumps - March 11, 2006

As part of the TGR Summit; I had planned on taking some of the participants out to the Musical Bumps in Whistler. Three joined us that day. We had the pleasure of the company of Mr Frank Baumann today; look him up under First Ascents in any Coast Mountain guidebooks.

Brian and Frank on the Flute cat-track

First we gang-banged Flute backside scoring first tracks quite a ways down Oboe Creek towards the north side off Lesser Flute. Then we skinned up to Oboe where Frank decides to test the cornice and get more untracked.

Roger getting the heli experience without the heli.

Graeme on the typically soft fluffy Oboe north aspect slopes.

Tons of tracks on the backside of Flute. Stability was awesome. We ski cut convexities to start the day without reaction. Definite consolidation and stabilizing trend. As always the trees were amazing




Nice perspective of Brian and Sharon

We done schralped diced and sliced the Oboe gnar.

Back for another lap; here goes Roger

Then up again and this time to the backside of Oboe where Brian finds more pow

Graeme is happy because he knows there are moguls on Sun Bowl while he's floating on 177 baby blue base Soft Bros.

Graeme starts to bonk a tad on the uphill so I take him on a nice tour of Cowboy Ridge; I get this nice shot of tomorrow's project as Graeme keeps on trucking.

I am obsessed by mountains

Total ascending was 1340m over 6hrs 52 mins. Lots of stopping on this fun tour.