Decker Tour Dec 8 2007

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

With this high pressure system upon us it seemed like a lot of people were taking advantage of the visibility to get out to the Blackcomb Backcountry! Aaron joined us and brought along his bivy and spent the night at the Decker/Trorey col. The snow up high was surprisingly good! We were expected to only tour, we didn't expect the great pow!

Garmin map of Saturday ( yellow ) and Sunday's ( pink ) tour.

The masses heading out. They weren't running the T-bars this early in the season so everyone had to skin up or bootback from here.

Fred not used to this skinning thing!

The Views were stellar as usual! Fissile teasing Lee in the distance.

East Col looking towards Fissile!

Skiing down from East Col to Circle Lake was boney as usual...

but the snow was good!

Skinning up Decker.

View of Circle lake and the Spearhead in the back.

Lee bootpacking the last steep pitch up Decker.

Then there were 10!

Lets go get first tracks!

The snow was creamy!


If not dreamy!


Heading up towards Spearhead where the people weren't.

Jameson, Sharon!

Since the snow was good we decided to hit this slope enroute.






Skinning back up.

Lee, Sharon, Jameson

Bootpacking up the Spearhead


Then Aaron went back to dig a snow pit on Decker and we headed up to Husume just as the sun was starting to go down.


Looking down Husume towards Blackcomb Glacier.

Lee's ski wants to go!

Looking back up Husume.


Sunset on Blackcomb Glacier.

goggles don't work so well here

Alpenglow on Trorey, Pattison and Tremor.

Aaron's pic

Cool Sunset shot!

Aaron's pic

Sunset on the Blackcomb Rescue road.

Jameson's Pic

Google Earth Image of our tour!