Duffy Lake - Jan 21st 2007

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

After a nice day touring up the Duffy Lake Road the day before, it was so good we had to go again.

Parking spot is fortunately plowed

Jon on the ascent

Views as you come around the corner are not too shabby.

More views of some big north facing slopes

Gentle climbs in protected creeks

Lots of tree-skiing and alpine options

Buttcrack Couloir to lookers left is a tough approach

Climb to the ridgeline on 20 degree slopes - super safe travelling

More views from the ridgeline - may be a superb camp spot

Ascent to the ridgeline proper.

Fantastic views - bowls upon bowls - treeskiing options exist for more marginal condition days.

Preparing to drop in

Sharon dropping in; over 270cms of snow depth with about 40 - 60cms of windloaded fluffy snow.

Lovely turns for Jon on the opposite side of the gully

We pinched high on the ridges then dropped into the halfpipe gully as we got lower and more confident in stability


Ash likes this better then getting robbed in Nigeria

Run is long - over 2000 feet

Exit to slide path with nice runout