Canmore Riding - July 20-26 2008

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

The Canadian Rockies are truly an epic destination. With breath taking views, long technical climbs, steep fast rocky rooty descents it has something the shore doesn't have - fast and flowy and no oxygen! This makes for different riding then we are used to and one of the reasons we like to go there!

The weather was unsettled which changed our plans a bit. We were going to do a few rides in Canmore, one in Invermere and finish it off in Rossland. Since we couldn't do the high rides in Canmore because of the weather we decided to stay there for a week and ride high when we could. Thankfully we have two great friends who now have a really nice big house that we could hang out with for a week!

This page will show you some of the local Canmore riding areas!

The Canmore Nordic enter is home to the 24 hours of Adrenalin which was happening this weekend. The course was marked and littered with spandex clad trainees. This area has also been known to host a few grizzlies so watch out if you are riding alone!

Heading west down the open meadow.

Since the Nordic Center has been open the trails were mostly the open ski trails. Since then local groups have worked to build some classic single track. We didn't take any pictures of these trails since, well they were pretty fun to ride!

The Enduro seems to like these trails!

Kananaskis Country has a lot of trails you can ride. We drove to Jewel Pass, Prairie View for some more classic Rocky single track. After a lung busting climb, you get to JUST treeline where the trail is even more Rocky and as always the clouds are threatening. I'm dropping into the trees trying not to be distracted by the views.

Heading down Jewel

With the popularity of freeriding even areas known for its lung busting climbing isn't immune to the free ride generation! The one freeride trail you can shuttle in Canmore is Reclaimer. For their first lap Jarret, Greg and Lee climbed to the top. Jarret tried out the Specialized Enduro I was testing. He liked it. It was a much nicer climber then the Foes he had with him!

Getting ready for the descent.

Jarret was quite at home on this rocky berm

Greg was too.

Nice thing about Canmore is they have a great path of trails in the town making it easy to get around on the bikes without having to go near traffic. Good thing since the views are so distracting. Heading towards the Spray powerhouse to the start of the climb.

Round two Greg rode the Enduro! With a beefier tire in the back the bike descending much better! No worries about washing out the tires with the Fire Fr Pro!

Now THAT! is a front tire!

Yup it will now hook up on the corners.

Greg railing it!

Our last day we rode with Charlene to the Benchlands. Again we were able to ride a nice paved path to the trails.

Charlene on the path to the benchlands.

High on the Benchlands, You can see the Nordic Center in the back where the 24 hours of Adrenalin were currently happening.

Lisa and Sharon

Charlene's backyard.

Greg at home on his Canmore singletrack.

Riding along the trail that borders the town and golf course. Interestingly this trail is closed in winter as a wildlife corridor... The golfing opens before the trail is open in the spring. Guess the wildlife still prefer this corridor to the golf course to pass through.

Probably the only wildlife this trail sees.

Ever pervasive views.

Greg and Charlene's kids! Picking out dinner for the night.

Sven and Figaro!

GPS track of our Jewel Creek Ride.

and Elevation Profiile

GPS map of our Nordic Center Ride

and Elevation Profile

Brewer Creek to Panorama || Jumping Pound Cox Hill