Kokanee Glacier - March 29 - April 5, 2008

Northern Selkirks

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Shared Group Gear

Lee will bring the following

March 29th to April 5th - Lau group


We have 12 people (Joel would like to sell his spot so may need one more person!):


We will be meeting at the parking lot of High Terrain Heli in Nelson (see map in ACC info package above) on March 29 with our gear packed and ready to fly at 8am SHARP. There will be a nice “don’t touch the pretty helicopter” talk. One group will fly in from the helipad. Others will assemble at the staging area at Kokanee Lake provincial park for subsequent pickups.

There is a possibility of bad weather in which case we wait until it clears. Hopefully for not long but it could be a day or 2. Similarly we may get stuck 1 or 2 extra days back at the hut.

Nelson time is the same as Vancouver time ie Pacific Std Time.

If anyone misses the flight they charge $1000 to run an extra flight in so please be on time


We are all booked into the Dancing Bear Lodge for Friday night. http://www.dancingbearinn.com/accommodation.php - We're in two big rooms so it should be fun. We can have breakfast just down the street.

I've made a reservation for 12 people. We'll have two six-bed dorms. Lodging is paid for from your payment.

Checkin time is 4pm - 10pm but you can drop off gear earlier in the day at the Dancing Bear Office.
Office hours in morning is 7 to 11am then later in afternoon is 4pm to 10pm.

Cars will be parked for a week in the parking lot off the highway where the helipad is. There have been breakins there so be warned! The Vancouver and Whistler people will likely want to leave right from the parking lot after they are done.

John and Joel are renting a car in Spokane. Please get hold of them if you want in on this.


Extra Skis etc
We should have a few extra pairs of skis for major mechanical failure but it is probably not worth the effort if everyone brings in a set of everything. It’d be better to bring your own boots and share the toys. If you are excited about bringing your extra skis email us so we have a feel for who is bringing extras.

Here is a good list:
- Probe/shovel/transceiver (extra batteries) /skins/pack
- Small repair kit for your fancy bindings/boots/poles/skins (we will bring some extra
tools – screwdrivers, leatherman, zip ties, duct tape)
- Zbag rated to –5 to –10 C (no need for thermarests)
- Appropriate ski attire
- Lounge clothes
- Nose hair trimmers and other personal items including environmentally friendly soaps and scrubs for the sauna (bathe everyday if you like), sunscreen
- Flip-flops/crocs- Swim trunks/g-strings (10 person wet sauna)
- Small packable Towel
- Small pillow if you need one
- Headlamp (and bats)
- Glacier travel gear
Always a good idea: earplugs, nalgenes, thermos, benadryl, scotch and ibuprofen by the truckload, books, cards, lip balm
Other misc: GPS, altimeter, binoculars, camera, camcorder, motorolla walkie talkies

Small (8 mil) glacier ropes and harnesses may be used

All of your crap piled together (including skis) shouldn’t weight more than 60-70 pounds and should be able to be packed tight for the flight in – I spoke with the heli pilot and they like us to pack stuff in smaller bags vs. big duffels or ski bags.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Bring your own booze.

Bring ipods with speakers (maybe a couple people?) with tons of extra batteries.


Current arrangement is for all to pair up. Each pair makes one dinner. Lunch and breakfast are self-prepared. Contact Adrian for more details

We’ll have two VHF radios.

Sharon will bring one set. Anyone else?

See links above.


Please email us:
- If you have a first aid kit, sat phone
- If you are bringing more than one pair of skis/snowboard etc.