Osaka and the Osaka Castle - April 4th

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Tokyo || Nara || Kyoto || Kamakura

Sunday we had a leisurely morning in Nara before catching the train to Osaka. We planned for one day in Osaka mainly to see the Osaka Castle. It being a sunny Sunday during Cherry Blossom time it was a busy day!

Mass of humanity leaving the Osakajo Koen Station.

Probably the best way to get around Japan, there were bikes EVERYWHERE!

Since it was such a nice day we bought Bento Boxes in the train station, Bruce bought a tarp for us to sit on and we had a nice lunch on the grass.

Along the moats where people eat and great, they are also entertained.

Heading up towards Osaka Castle. Natan and Rona.

See he can interact with people without putting a choke hold on...

Ishiyama Sensei in front of Osaka Castle.

Natan inspired by some kids climbing up this wall, consequences prevented him from going further.

Lining up for the Castle Tour.

Osaka Castle with the Cherry Blossoms.

View from the top of the Castle. Not a lot of pictures were taken inside the castle since we weren't allowed to photo the interesting areas.

Heading out of the park there was a monk.

Back at the station I had a SPECIAL platform!

Back into the sea of humanity at the Shin-Osaka station.

A detour before we went back to the hotel was the Rihga Royal Hotel for desert and coffee.


Our Hotel - Shin Hankyu Annex. Very nice hotel.

For dinner after everyone bailed Justin and I had dinner at a Buffet with a view!