Iron Mt. Shuttles, Merritt BC

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Iron Mt is the tallish peak you pass heading into Merritt from the West along the Coquihalla.

The top of the trails are pretty technical with some fun rock faces and techy sections. The bottom section is more fast and flowing.

Godey creek is a fun technical trail that goes along the creek and exits on the Coquihalla just above the visitors center.

It is best to base out of the visitors center for these shuttles.

Conditions as of July 4th 2010.

98 - starts out technical then fast and flowy into Godey creek.

99 - starts out technical, currently full of blowdown until it enters 98. Not Recommended.

99-Treat - technical, some stunts, then fast and flowy until it enters Godey creek.

Hornet - Not GPS'd here. Started to ride it but there was lots of blowdown at the top.

Also on this map are the XC trails from the Info Center. A nice double loop is to ride up Too Much Info and down Ursa Major, then back up Too Much Info to Lone Pine and down the Godey Trail.

There is a new trail that is not on the map, nor do we have the GPS info for it that runs fall line down Too Much Info.

Best to buy the Merritt Mountain Bike Trail Map and Guide at the Visitors center along with these GPS coordinates to figure out where you are!

Proceeds go to Merritt Mountain Bike Association.

Chris's new Lezyne Pump courtesy of the North Shore Bike Fest for all the work he has done for us and the trails!

Careful of the NINJA!

Top of Iron Mt.

Riding back into the Visitors Center.

Par for the course in cow country!

Lap two, heading down 98 trail to 99 blowdown.

Sharon on the Session. Bit overkill for this area.

Sharon in the grassy fields!

Chris and Steve frolicking in the fields!

Must have beer.

Pretty Flowers!

Merritt Iron Mt Shuttles at EveryTrail


Iron Mountain - Merritt - July 3, 2010 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.