Rogers Pass - Lone Pine - Jan 8 2010

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

The beginning of the year always warrants a trip so why not Rogers Pass! This will be Gavan's first trip across BC and his first time in Rogers Pass. I don't think it will be his last!

This trip starts at the Hermit parking lot.

Getting ready to go!

Getting out of the trees the views reveal themselves, as do the high clouds today.

Sharon and Gavan skinning up.

Mount Macdonald is our land mark for most of this day.

Pretty complex terrain up in these parts!

Tyler working on his jump turn, not bad!

Needs to work on his straight shots!

Gavan still working on his downhill kick turns.

A pit at 2350 showed great stability and the alpine was good to go!

Heading down to the ridge.

Fortunately the vis held out for our descent.

Tylers turn.

To the lookers left of this ridge is Lone Pine, the right of the ridge will take you down to the Hermit slidepath.

Gavan and Tyler scoping their line.

Top of the ridge.

Tyler, Gavan and Sharon.

Gavan rippin' down.

Tyler finding stuff to huck.

Sharon on the start of the ridge.

The start of the descent.

Tyler and Gavan comingon down.

Getting into the trees, the snow here was great! and slabby.

Lee getting used to his Megawatts.

Sharon heading down to the slide path.

Back onto the highway.

Elevation Profile - 1300m of climbing.

Rogers Pass Video

A long weekend in Rogers Pass from Lee Lau on Vimeo.