LQ Outpost Jan 8 - 15, 2023 in the Valkyr Range of Interior British Columbia

Valkyr Adventures

(all pics by Lee Lau or Sharon Bader unless otherwise noted)

Day 5 - Machine

Mid week pow frenzy happens. We're now a tad more confident in our terrain knowledge so it's time to hit the classic Machine runs.

The LQ terrain is known for long steep treed runs. The Machine is up there in the pantheon of superb fall-line hallways of pillowed pow and today our group collectively got to put in multiple laps followed by closing laps of the Brooms. Tyler earned his keep today as did Simon in the other group. Meanwhile we feasted on not just pow but more food as we waited for the much anticipated incoming warm storm


Off to Machine Ridge - Wind wasn't helping the alpine but didn't hurt snow transport to the lee slopes

Shar starts off with our task of gutting laps of the Machine


Tyler finishing the turn


image Dermott McHugh - Tyler failing to cut me off from my line

Beautiful forest to skin up for more laps

Sharon repeating

Tyler N

Jim lost in the pow

Tyler H

Tyler N

Beer-run back to the lodge



Day 6 and 7

This season's snowpack is spooky with several buried weak layers. We had been pretty lucky earlier in the week steadily building confidence as changes in snow, temps and weather had been slower and gradual giving us the opportunity to step out into more aggressive terrain.

Day 6 things changed as temps spiked. We got a Goretex workout as new snow fell laying an upside down snowpack with denser snow lying over a lighter layer. Skiing started getting challenging but we considered ourselves lucky to avoid the dreaded pineapple as the relatively high elevation hut location allowed us to get 250m laps of the Brooms

Lodge stayed at -2 most of the night peaking at -1 during the day. Neighbouring lodges geared up to ski in the rain so we counted ourselves lucky

Lance working the big tips

As the day wore on temps climbed. While still below freezing the density layer was leading to a higher probability of blowing a knee


Nico and Remi making the best of the storm and getting in their sauna time as the last of the group returns


Tyler and Simon wondering just how much slab was building and where to go next

Peter unloading mini-slider appies on us


More things changed on the evening of our 6th day and stability went to pot for Day 7. Winds picked up and swirled from the SE while temps increased. The resulting wind slab triggered easily on sheltered surface hoar. Several whumpf settlements early in the day set the tone, restricting us to lower angled yoyos close to the lodge. But at least we got to ski above the rain and in decent snow.

Lots of sauna, lots of food and lots of pow. Thanks to Tyler and Simon for getting us the goods. Thanks to Peter for the magnificent food. Thanks to Steve for keeping the sauna stoked and lodge spic and span and things dialled. Last but not least, thanks to Shelly and Martin for the awesomeness that is the Valkyr Mountain Lodge terrain


The rubber chicken is Peter's dinner bell



Tyler N


Tyler and Jim. Pretty special when son and Dad get to ski-tour together and shred

Our Group (top then bottom - L to R)
Steve our custodian, Simon (Guide), Tyler N, Jim, Sharon, Lance, Remi, Mark, Tyler Higgins (Guide), Misha, Dom, Dermot, Nicolas, Lee, Amelie, Peter (cook)