Vista Lodge at Golden Alpine Holidays

March 31 - April 1 2023

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Skiing shots

Hi-resolution photos

Caribou North Face - TeamUK

Neil - Caribou N face trees

Sharon - Caribou N

Team ROW - Caribou

Sharon- Caribou N

Neil and Sharon - inbounds to lodge from lower basin

Neil showing the cornice who's boss - Tombstone ridge

Sharon- Tombstone NE face

Neil - Tombstone NE face

Team UK - Sunbeam Tombstone ridge

Stuart - Sunbeam Tombstone ridge

Neil and Team ROW - Tombstone - Sunbeam ridge to Meadows

Sharon - Pleasure Dome

Karen - Pleasure Dome

Heather - Pleasure Dome

Lee - Pleasure Dessert

Vista Lodge - Ante Room

Kris - Upper Headwaters

Sharon - Upper Headwaters

Sharon- Off the Cuff to Colpitti drainage

Vista Lodge - Moonrise

Neil - Tombstone Ridge

Kris - Tombstone Ridge

Team ROW - Sunbeam - Tombstone Ridge

Karen - Upper Headwaters

Kris - Upper Headwaters

Team ROW - SunBeam bowl

Kris - SunBeam - Tombstone Ridge random chute

Neil - Tombstone Ridge cornice

Lee/Jeremy - dessert heaven

Cherub Glacier

Stuart - Cherub Glacier

Richard - Cherub Glacier

Karen - Sharon - Cherub Glacier view

Stuart - Lodge hanging out (Paul Jones Picture)

Heli inbounds (Paul Jones Picture)

Lodge moonrise - (Paul Jones Picture)

Gordon/Phil/Heather - GAH staging

Lodge Heli Pad