Annual 2015 Calgary visiting Kor Kor and eating trip


Every year I go to Calgary to visit my favourite aunt and eat, eat, eat. This year was no exception. KorKor always manages to save up some great places for us to explore and I came away full and fat — burp!

  • White Elephant Thai
  • Himalayan
  • Banana Leaf

Thanks for the good times KorKor and Gracie!


Gracie is pretty cute with her tongue so pink hanging out from thirst – it was warm in Calgary in Princess Park

Gracie getting the toe

Just hanging out


Expect massive quantities of good food.  We could have up’ed the spice level a bit and asked for the sweetness of the curry to  be dialed back but it was otherwise awesome.  The curry is so good you’ll want to mop it all up with rice

The owners

After the curry I was so gorged I had to go for a walk.  This is  Calgary’s outdoors Grouse Grind. A 25m set of stairs going to the river bank.  Lots of people stairmastering and biking the trails next to this


This place in SW Calgary has an all you can eat buffet lunch that is sadly closed in early July – they can’t get enough cooks.  Their AYCE lunch is small in choice but big on taste.  In particular the lamb curry had tons of meat and flavor.  One can see why its so highly rated.  Their location is busy so expect to find neighbourhood parking


Oh my god this little gem used to be in Richmond but sadly is now in Calgary.   It’s flavours and selections are awesomely authentic.  In particular the belachan in the nasi lemak brought me back to being a kid.  Only downside is that the kitchen doesn’t have a big wok so no fried food like char kuay teow is served.






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