Grizzly Stoney Lookout Valkyr Lodge Day-7

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Day7 GrizzlyStoneyLookout

The last day a big group went out to check out Grizzly again as the skies really started opening up and depositing pow on all aspects. Sharon, Lee, Chris, Graham, Sasha, Jesse went for a pleasant ramble to yet again mogul the Grizzly N faces.. We skied down Dog Leg, Jesse hit a couloir off to the side and slid it out, Graham and Sasha retreated and went down Dog Leg proper. We then did a run down Dragon, up Stoney.

Not having their fill we then headed over to Lookout Trees to check out more N – facing pow zones and were rewarded with quadruple overhead blower. Yea for us!.

Light Blue track was the day.

mmmm Breakfast!

Jesse on the Dog Leg Couloir, the other two retreated and went down Dog Leg after Jesse cleaned this out.

Good snow in the Mid Entrance of Stoney

Mid Entrance

Down Stoney

Over to Lookout Trees

Lookout Trees

Back to the lodge.

Vegging before dinner.

The group! Thanks Sharon, Meg, Carl, Chris, Lee, Greg, Sasha, Mike, Andy, Kyle, Zoe, Susan, Graham, Jesse and Linda!

Kyle and Zoe on the last night. She’s like WTF???

Kyle and Meg getting rowdy!

The Sauna.

Google Earth Image from Above

Valkyr Map from Valkyr Adventures

While we as a self-guided group found that we could unlock the massive potential of some of the more gnar terrain of the Grizzly, Viking and Rollins zones with some effort we did notice in the hut log that many self-guided groups meandered around in the more mellow terrain. If your group is a tad more hesitant/less-willing to explore we’d suggest Zenith Guides (Evan Stevens). Lee and Evan geeked out on maps and terrain before getting to Naumulten; an exercise that proved fruitful!

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