Heart Zone Valkyr Lodge Day-5

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Day 5 Heart Zone

Day 5 started out stormy. Forecast in Nakusp called for sun but who knows?. Lee, Sharon and Carl headed out to the Heart Glades; treed west facing slopes we figured would reload during the past few storms that went through the area. We skinned up to Heart Bypass in a storm that started out S4 and then petered out to sun and howling SWers in the space of less then a hour. We then stayed a bit too far skiers right off the Prow wandering over to Bonus track. Not particularly wanting anymore breakable crust (S faces were still not quite repaired), we put our skins back on and headed more East over the Prow to get into the Heart Zone.

Pink Track was our route today.

Started out stormy!


Then BOOM! Sun!

Windy on the ridges

Snow skid well though!

Sunset run back to the lodge

Sarah cooking up a storm!

Jesse and Graham get some beer for putting in the Low Entrance to Stoney.

Movescount track

Google Earth Image from Above

Valkyr Map from Valkyr Adventures.While we as a self-guided group found that we could unlock the massive potential of some of the more gnar terrain of the Grizzly, Viking and Rollins zones with some effort we did notice in the hut log that many self-guided groups meandered around in the more mellow terrain. If your group is a tad more hesitant/less-willing to explore we’d suggest Zenith Guides (Evan Stevens). Lee and Evan geeked out on maps and terrain before getting to Naumulten; an exercise that proved fruitful!

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