Homerun and Tombstone – Whitecap Alpine Touring in April

Whitecap Alpine

Day 3 and 4

The Whitecap Alpine story wouldn’t exist without Ron Andrews, picture left. While his son, Lars, has made it the ski touring destination it is, Ron’s sweat exists in the each of the walls of this Lodge. Another important part of the Lodge is the dedicated cook. This week we had the pleasure of eating Sheila’s food, picture right. She worked tirelessly every day to ensure we had a hearty breakfast, complete bag lunch and great dinnners.

Coffee, oatmeal, and a hot breakfast each morning. Steve, upper photo left, is another caretaker of the hut to ensure everything is in working order.

OMG Snowing again!

Day Three we were led by Dylan who took us on a tour to Homerun, Training Wheels, Ruthies Bowl, Hangovers winddrift, Nabakov’s nightmare. Our group today was Lee, Dermot, Marilyn, Watson, Misha, Skafdi.

Mandatory beacon check


Great snow on the back of homerun

Then we wait our turns on Hangover – Skafdi and Dermot

Dermot gettin’ some



Dylan on Hangover

Marilyn and Misha getting in line

Misha dropping in

Marilyn dropping in

Watson dropping in

Dylan back on top!

Misha on Nabakov

Dermot on Nabakov

Watson on Nabakov

Nabakov lines

Day 4 – We were again led by Vernoka who took us up Tombstone and down Sparkle Bowl, Back up and down Middle Finger, then back up the repeater ridge and down XXL then back up repeater ridge and down Tombstone to the Lodge. A bonus run was had by some who don’t drink beer on Home Run. Our group was Lee, Sharon, Marilyn, Stevie, Dermot, Misha and Watson.

Icy layer on the south facing slopes, why have a guide? To set the skin track!

Veronika checking out Middle Finger conditions.

All good!

Sharon on Middle Finger

Sharon on Middle Finger

Stevie admiring her lines!

Heading back up and looking at our tracks! Stevie and Marilyn

Watson and Dermot

Sharon and Veronika waiting for vis

XXL, good stuff!

Our lines on XXL

Back down to the creek, the view of the lodge!

Last run on Home run by Misha

Home run runs

Tombstone runs

Best commute to skiing EVER!

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