Kokanee Glacier – Griffen Creek

Words by Lee Lau. Photos by Sharon Bader, Lee Lau and Rob McLachlan unless otherwise noted.

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Off to Kokanee Glacier again. Last year I had gone in on a sprint touring deal with my good buddy Steve and had some corn-fests. This time, a cold-weather system brought 50 + cms of cold smoke to the Kootenays the week before we were to leave to Kokanee Glacier. With this bit of luck ringing in our ears we were off to Nelson to meet with our group. Most of our group was from the Coast with one from Banff, another from Vermont and one from Colorado. We shared some passions – devotion to powder and love of food. We flew into Kokanee Glacier on Saturday late morning after a bit of a weather delay and found stellar snow conditions.

Breakfast at the Best Western on Baker Street is highly recommended

Flying into Kokanee Glacier – Kaslo Lake in sight

Practice at the field of transceivers – beacon basin

After some serious ferkling at the mandatory field of transceivers practise we were out to enjoy some of the powder at Glory Basin. It was snowing 1 cms per hour and increased to 2 to 3 cms/hour as the day wore on. Skiing was spectacular.





Eating at huts is almost as much fun as skiing from huts. Steve and John set the bar high today with salsa, mango chutney, burritos and apple crunch. I ate till we dropped

The first nights cooks – Steve and Jon


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