Skiing with the New Mexicans – Whistler

The next day it snowed another 20cms. For the sake of variety this time we headed over to Whistler and hit Fresh Tracks. Unfortunately we blew the early lead we had by being tardy at the Roundhouse and then compounded it by skiing low-angled slopes. Carl gives me a reality check reminding me that its a vacation, not a race. We remedy the crappy first few runs by finding some beautiful light blower pow on Chunkys. Here goes Bill; making deep snow look even deeper.

Bill bouncing through the tele turns.

Barb schralping the gnar.

Carl always finds the freshies

We head off to Garbonzo down Toilet Bowl and hit up the trees. The alpine isn’t open yet so at the bottom we run into pretty much everyone else skiing that day.

Off to Red Chair as the alpine still is getting bombed. Lyn carves up down Jimmy’s Joker loving the K2 Phat Luvs.

Sharon bombing down the slopes.

We hit up the T-bars while waiting for alpine action; here’s Bill and Lyn enjoying the rare moments of visibility we get this month.

Carl and Barb on top of Headwall.

The peak is open! The lines are huge! Bodies sail off the waterfall every few minutes while Barb and Carl contemplate the best line to shred.

The crowds disperse very quickly off the Peak. Meanwhile our old standby run on Bagel Bowl is still untouched. Here goes Sharon.

Sharon again

Barb heading down to Highway 86

Carl mines yet more freshies.

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